Wedding Ring Design Ideas

Many couples make a decision to shop for wedding rings for men and women that are as exceptional and distinctive as their interrelationship. Here are a few ideas concerning out of the ordinary designs that you for sure will find interesting.

Eternity Rings
Eternity Rings are Bands circled with diamonds or other precious stones. The continuous ring of gems is said to be the symbol of continual, eternal love, making these rings a fashionable wedding ring or anniversary gift of choice. Eternity Rings can be made an array of metals with stones of the appearance and colour to reflect the couple’s relationship. In consideration of the broadness of the stones some desire half eternity rings with diamonds only placed one side of the rings others opt for a full circlet of gemstones. As the diamonds have to be arranged tightly side by side the most accepted shapes or cuts are the round emerald and princess cuts.

eternity ring

Bands with formations or impressions adorning natural silver or gold wedding bands with different designs or Patterns have been around since 675 AD, in numerous cultures. The old symbol of the ouroboros, the serpent which devours its own tail, was a theme used for rings formed from iron in Rome. It also imitates the anticipation for a lifelong marriage union that’s eternally renewed making it a perfect choice for a wedding ring design.

Celtic engagement bands are generally embellish with natural knot work drawings that have a long history of art work. These drawings represent tendrils and vines. The attractive symmetry of these braided Patterns which are organic, flowing, and a representation of the curves found in nature and mother earth. Those with an Irish family find the Celtic arrangements generally attractive but those from all ethnic backgrounds have decided on these attractive formations for their wedding rings pattern.

celtic wedding rings

If you would like a extraordinary ring that is more quiet than a pattern or a arrangement You could decide on a solid metal wedding band with a hammered finish, a rough, grained finish, or a pin finish for a different but handsome look.Add colour to your band by blending metals or by treating the ring to a red hot torch which will bear different tones of gold and silver.Woven wedding rings are also a special choice for engagement rings for women. You can find wedding ring formations with intertwined metals in a single, two or three colour arrangement.

Antique bands
Classical rings from the 1920′s generally have scroll like impression, quiet milgrain work or raised beaded outer edges on the ring and fragile filigree work or formations made with entwined strands of metal generally suggesting lace which you might find to your liking. Antique rings are a favourable pick if you are searching for a band that is extraordinary and sure to generate a remark or comment whenever you wear it.

antique rings