Lost Your Engagement ring?

After being proposed to, you probably treasured your engagement ring more than anything else, but even well-meaning brides to be can lose their most sacred pieces of jewelry. If you have looked everywhere you can think of and still come up emptied handed, it is time to purchase a replacement engagement ring. You should spend as much time as you need to properly mourn the loss of your original engagement ring, but if you are soon due to get married, you will need to start your search for a suitable replacement soon. If you were in love with your last engagement ring, you may want to get an exact duplicate of the one that you lost. After going back to your jeweler, you may find that the engagement ring you want is no longer in stock, or you may even find other styles more appealing. In either case, you can shop for a new ring and have a great diamond engagement ring on your finger in the same day. Try to vividly remember what your engagement ring looked like down to the smallest details.

lost engagement ring
Tell your jeweler what happened, and ask to see similar engagement rings. After going through what they have in stock, you will need to consider what your wedding ring looks like in order to pick out a perfect match. Many couples choose their wedding ring and band sets based on the design of their engagement rings. You should feel free to go with something different, but make sure that you do not pick an engagement ring that is too far off from the original one. Once you find an engagement ring that is incredibly similar to the one that you misplaced, you can continue with your wedding plans without giving your unfortunate situation much more thought.

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