Create Your Own

When two individuals are in love and want to capture their bond the best way to do it is with a ring. Engagement rings are more than just a big rock sitting on your finger. Engagements are an occasion when a couple let the world know and agree between them that they share a special bond.

The engagement ring therefore gathers importance for a couple. If you were looking for engagement ring designs and are not happy with any, you could design your own.
You can begin by considering in what metal you would want to have a ring, white gold, yellow gold or silver. Once you have decided the metal, you can ask yourself if you want a plain eternity band made of just yellow or white gold, or a mix of the two.If you are someone who likes to wear studded jewelry then look for stones, semiprecious, real diamonds, emeralds, rubies or sapphires.

create your engagement ring

Real diamond solitaire rings are a classic piece of jewelry that symbolises romance and eternal love. You can go for different shapes like Asscher, Oval, Pear, heart, Princess, Triliant, Marquis, Radiant or Cushion.If plain diamonds do not impress you, you can choose from various birthstones like emerald, ruby, amethyst or sapphire for the bond on your engaged finger. Simply find out which one is yours. A ruby however stands for the bond of blood and is absolutely romantic.

You provide a jeweler with the details of the ring you desire. Consider the weight of the metal and how much metal would be required for the ring you want to be made. Find out about the stones weight and quality before you get any embedded.You can look at catalogues for some inspiration. Amongst your partner and you decide, how you want the ring to be or look like. Try different rings before you place your order to check what kind of designs look good on your hand.

perfect engagement ring

Have your partner’s or both your name and engagement date engraved on the ring for memory. Have a single diamond, a birthstone, pearl or different gems on ring or a plain eternity band. Remember, your relationship is your real inspiration to design the right ring for your engagement.